3 June 2013

My World

I must have been three, but I distinctly remember. My father raised me high and asked me to look at what I could see below while my mother watched apprehensively. I was surprised to see my surroundings look so different from 6 feet above. Ever since, I have heard my father say ‘Life’s a matter of perspective.’

My parents and family are central figures in my sphere. Their approval is sought first—often the hardest to earn and always the most valued. They are the first people to hear my stories, console me through tears, laugh on my follies and read my essays. An effusive grandfather, a traditional grandmother, an eccentric father, a compassionate mother, an innocent little brother and two aunts constitute my family. My family says that values make people. Their value systems make me: knowledge is to be sought and discovered. It isn’t to be handed neatly wrapped and gifted. One has to strive to acquire it. They have taught me that learning matters the most, integrity is non-negotiable and that ‘life is a matter of perspective.’Fascinated by the sciences, I eventually wish to pursue research, to unearth the unknown and author nonfiction books. My family’s values and ideas have helped me sculpt my dreams: they are the stem of my curiosity, the reason why I have learnt to value integrity.

My father can’t lift me high any longer. Instead, he now asks me to imagine raising myself to climb a wall. The view of what lies beyond gradually increases as my perspective broadens. I am learning to climb. My world is full of physics and chemistry, chess, robotics, school activities and products of diverse interests. It is a world which includes mini-wars with my brother and arguments with my parents; a world centered on a family which slowly raises me on that wall, as it raises the bar. 

My world is a lucky world.

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